Military Mid-Level Leaders

Army mid-level leaders set the climate at the unit level. They motivate behaviors, adhere to Army sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention and response guidance, establish Soldier boundaries and expectations, enforce standards, model behaviors, and operationalize the Army's strategy for eradicating sexual harassment and sexual assault. They prepare and cultivate the crucial foundation for inculcation of Army Values, professional standards, and the fundamental aspects of service in the Profession of Arms. These leaders are responsible for ensuring education within Army Communities about sexual harassment and sexual assault, what is expected of Soldiers in terms of prevention and intervention, and how and where to report these incidents when they occur. Mid-level leaders reinforce priorities that are consistent with higher headquarters and Army-wide policy. They promote and enforce discipline and respect within the ranks, as well as emphasize equity and fairness. They are directly responsible for the safety of most sexual assault victims, given most victims and alleged perpetrators serve at their level. The command climate they set and how mid-level Army leaders respond to sexual assault cases have a direct impact on whether cases are reported, appropriate accountability of alleged perpetrators occurs, and victims are able to continue to serve as resilient, productive members of the Army Team.