Military Junior Leaders

Leaders at all levels, specifically our Army junior leaders, must be visible and adaptable and display a sincere commitment in the fight against sexual harassment and sexual assault. Junior leaders must champion and model this effort by remaining fully engaged and owning this issue with the same commitment they have towards their duties and other responsibilities.

The Army Profession demands leaders of high competence and strong character who foster a command climate that encourages dignity and respect by responding appropriately to incidents when they occur. Junior leaders need to provide a safe and trusting environment that will prevent sexual offenses from occurring and encourage reporting without fear of retaliation.

One of the Army’s highest priorities is readiness, which depends on an environment that is inclusive, supportive and free of misconduct. Sexual harassment and sexual assault directly undermine unit readiness and deter from preparedness. The Army is committed to equipping junior leaders with the right tools and knowledge to build successful command climates by setting the tone for social and duty relationships and modeling behaviors of respect and dignity.