Filing an Informal Complaint of Sexual Harassment

Informal complaints of sexual harassment involve less severe or egregious incidents that can be resolved by the individual, with the help of another, and/or by the direct resolution. Typically, these involve something a complainant believes can be resolved through discussion, problem identification, counseling, and/or clarification of the issues. Initiating an informal complaint does not require the complainant to submit anything in writing and is not subject to timelines. These cases are typically not required to be reported to higher headquarters, but aggregate data are sometimes reported to major commands. Victim Advocates (VA) and SARCs have Victim Privilege MRE 514. When working with a Complainant, VA and SARCs are advocating. SARCs are not trained in mediation and they are not neutral due to the NOVA code of ethics.

  • Additional information about Military and Civilian informal complaint processes can be found in Army Regulation 600-20 (Army Command Policy)