• Prevention Overview
  • Commander's Sexual Assault Victim Assistance Checklist
  • SHARP Resource Center (RC) Guidebook (2 September 2014): This guidebook is designed to provide a broad structure for those installations chosen to participate in the SHARP-RC Pilot Program. The Army recognizes that there is no single model for developing a SHARP-RC, each installation has a unique set of challenges, different populations, demographics and access to differing degrees of resources. The guidebook focuses on describing the various functions and services of a SHARP-RC. In providing those services, each SHARP-RC may be manned, resourced, and operated according to a wide range of factors. **** CAC login required ****
  • SHARP Guidebook (October 2013): is a company-level reference tool for Company Commanders and Soldiers, Department of the Army (DA) Civilians, and Family members to use in sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention and response efforts. **** CAC login required ****