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November 24, 2015
News - 'Not In My Squad' Takes Root in 1st Infantry Division


November 19, 2015
News - 40th Military Police Battalion Wargames SHARP Scenario


November 19, 2015
News - SVC Assists Victims of Sexual Assault


November 18, 2015
News - Young Sergeants Lead The Way on 'Not in My Squad'


November 17, 2015
News - Minnesota Guardsmen Receive Engaging Presentation on Sexual Assault, Culture Change


November 13, 2015
News - Two Awareness Campaigns Express 'Who We Are'


November 12, 2015
News - SHARP Academy Hosts Professional Forum


November 9, 2015
News - First SHARP Academy Professional Forum Brings Together Military, Universities to Share Lessons Learn


November 5, 2015
News - Military Profession Trumps Sexual Assault, Theme of DOD SAPRO Director Discussion at Eustis


November 5, 2015
News - Faces of Change: Students in Training Paramount to Army’s Effort to Retool Culture As It Pertains to Sexual Offenses